23 May 2013

because, yum

see anything you like here? I'm talking to you, portland.

my friend julie's dream was to open a grilled cheese food cart  and that's what that girl done went and did. best grilled cheese (and lemonade) in all of portland, maybe even in the state of oregon and I am not even blowing smoke here. you think I have to say this because she's my friend and all but I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING AROUND. grilled cheese sandwiches so good your knees will buckle. lemonade so perfect, visions of it will dance in your head while you sleep.

and this saturday, half of all lemonade sales will go towards ava's trip to paris! regular lemonade, raspberry lemonade and rumor has it, marionberry lemonade. also, ava's prints will be for sale. also, grilled cheese. GRILLED. CHEESE. 

so if you're local, come on out:

ethelkays grilled cheese and lemonade
4549 NE 60th, portland (duh)
saturday, may 25th, 10-4

p.s. thanks so much for buying prints, friends. ava has been walking on clouds lo these last twenty-four hours and my mama heart has officially burst wide open.


  1. Boo! Cory and I will be in Seattle Saturday. Please let me know if you two have another sale towards Ava's trip!

  2. yuuuum, i love grilled cheese!! and lemonade! So good, sounds awesome :)

    xo Becky

  3. i am drooling right now. not kidding.
    and how cool of her to fund ava's trip?! that's awesome!

  4. I am so there. See you SATURDAY!

  5. heck yes.
    i'll be there in spirit. enjoy some lemonade and grilled cheese for me!