30 May 2012

pink walls and safety pins

when it rains, it pours. no work for weeks and weeks and now there's so much we are swimming in it. of course, this is good news but it's all come at once and now there's much head spinning and stress dreaming and gnashing of teeth. well, no gnashing of teeth. well, maybe a little gnashing of teeth.

the truth is that I'm prone to silliness when the workload hits a fever pitch. I feel compelled to organize the safety pins by size or begin eleven new books or bake a complicated cake from scratch. and people, I will always stop and photograph a dirty pink wall. always. no matter what kind of rush I'm in.

but you know what really gets me through the crazy? the promise of you know what. the promise of summer. so close I can almost taste it. sorry, pink wall. sorry but summer sort of trumps you. don't take it personally or anything. summer trumps everything.


  1. But that's the best part isn't it, that dirty pink walls make us
    Stop, Look and Dream
    and fall in-between
    to-do and deadlines
    and the promise of summer, oh yes,
    that promise
    looms so lovely.
    PS Really love your blog.

  2. totally the best part. totally.

    p.s. thank you. xo

  3. But when you run across a wonderful dirty old pink wall in the summertime....well, that's perfection.


  4. our life is very much the same here. long periods of absolutely nothing followed by a month or two of psycho-town. hang in there. <3 SUMMERSUMMERSUMMER!

    1. thank you, friend! here's hoping for a little more balance... for both of us! xo

  5. i love how you navigate the abundance!

  6. oh my gosh I just found your blog and loving it! Such pretty pictures! x