06 April 2007

photobooth friday

photobooth friday

in our eight days of traveling, we only encountered one real photobooth. that's ava there, behind the curtain. results to come, I promise.

still swimming through a sea of boxes and packing paper. still pinching myself to make sure it's all real.

oh photobooth friday peoples, I have missed you.

hooray for PBF debuts! lookit: my dear friend poetmama and my pal j. yamaguchi

but also:

jesC: here, here and here
scrumdillydilly: here, here and here
the whole self: here, here, here and here
acumamakiki: here, here and here
jordïs: here and here
matt!?: here, here and here

other notable newbies (found via the photobooth friday group):
life of a loony
the lulubird
forest tails


  1. Hi,I just found you through the pucture of Mia and Ava on Flickr.I love your style of writing and photography and will be back to see how your new adventure turns out x

  2. Hello hello Miss West Coast! We've missed you- So glad the trip went smoothly and you're settling in. I see a long and happy photobooth legacy in Ava's future!

  3. I love this photo of Ava's legs and can't wait to see her strip! We've been out here in Cali and I hit the 3 booths available in SF and I've got 9 strips in my hot little clutches - one that my girl did on her own, my favorite. I also got my hands on squares of my dad as a babe, my grandma and my dad 70's style - be still my heart.

    Thank you again sweet lady, for starting this whole PBF thang. You've rekindled the booth love for me and have made everyone in my family search for booths to make me happy. xoxo

  4. it amazes me how much joy your blog brings into my life, and i am a little surprised at how much i missed fresh writing and pictures from hula seventy while you were on the road! your words and pictures inspire me and help me feel more connected to the entire human race. blessings and goodwill to you and your family and i just wanted you to know how valued youa re to even complete strangers. i look forward to each post and each one brings me a sense of conenction, delight,a nd happiness.

  5. i like the mystery of this one...

  6. you made it! welcome to the wild west! can't wait to hear more:)

  7. michelle/weaker vesselApril 16, 2007 10:40 AM

    Clearly, the cross-country journey hasn't done anything to dull your eye for beautiful details. I'm greedily looking forward to regular posts after y'all settle in! xoxoxo


  8. annies donuts+nickel arcade=best way to spend your friday night.

  9. just a lil info on a photobooth in portland: SE Division at 30th inside Rudy's Barbershop.