01 November 2005

self portrait tuesday #12

"when in doubt, overdress." -vivienne westwood

I am crazy about this month's 'self portrait tuesday' challenge. any excuse to experiment, to play, to think, to take on unfamiliar roles or gently expose facets of the personality that rarely see the light of day... I do believe this goes beyond wigs and sunglasses. and carnival/circus act headpieces, as pictured above, ha. though I'm not going to pretend that I am above playing dress up (oh yes, there's a reason ava has two giant old suitcases overflowing with feathery, glittery, colorful junk with even more in the attic and I can't stop). I'm not going to pretend that my initial attraction to the challenge was anything short of girlish glee (I have always always wanted an excuse to buy a bright pink wig). but in my attempts to overdress (loving this quote by brilliant designer ms. westwood), I'm also hoping to maybe find a little something. anything. or maybe nothing. I don't know. and the not knowing part is what I like best about this assignment. mainly, I'm just hoping for fun.

and a shockingly bright pink wig.


  1. What a great pic.
    I dyed my hair pink once.

  2. love the pic and really love the introspection...

  3. Love love love this photo. And the idea. I usually don't follow the assignments, but maybe this month I should try. You are funny....

  4. is this a part of the daisy costume you wore one year for Halloween? great picture!

  5. i want a pink wig too! :)

    love the pic!

  6. You are such an inspiration. Dressing up is (oddly enough)) one of my least favorite things. This is a fantastic photo and the expression on your face is priceless!

    I'll email you about the postcard swap!

  7. what a cool costume or identity :)...i have a pink wig...too bad u are not in sac and i would let u borrow my wigs for some creative pics...or heck..u should just buy one...it is so so so fun to dress up!!

  8. i have a powder-pink-but-a-tad-bit-brighter wig that i love to wear. when i was bartending through college, i used to work in this restaurant. we decided that tuesday was "wig night"...and i used to sport my pink wig.
    i will use it for november and dedicate it to you. : )

    also. thank you for the good wishes. you are sweet.

  9. i swear i left a message here yesterday. anyway love this shot! i have a similar one of me - only in ice skates. great expression!

  10. This is great! Show you have are very lighthearted and fun identity

  11. oh yes..i'm loving spt's theme this month..
    you nailed it..
    so fun to see you like this..
    must find time to participate this next week..
    love this..
    & thank YOU for stopping by my blog..
    you are wonderful..
    have a wonderful day!

  12. thanks, everyone...!

    zabs- would love to see a pic of that pink hair!

    glam jo- you should definitely do this... you have such a great sense of humor! I bet your take on this months assignment would be great...

    lulu- unfortunately, I don't own this wonderful little headpiece... it was something I tried on at the lakewood fleamarket while I was shopping with my cousin. good memory, though.

    server girl- thanks for the offer! I instantly take a liking to girls who own pink wigs. I think you're right, though... the time has come for me to own one.

    kathleen- I would be honored of you would wear your pink wig in honor of me...!

    jan- I would LOVE to see that photo...

    rhonna- looking forward to your SPT...!