31 October 2005

happy halloween

halloween costumes I have worn (as a child): kitty cat, gypsy, ballerina, wonder woman, chorus line girl, mime

halloween costumes I have worn (as an adult): belly dancer, hippie/flowerchild, cat in the hat (with ward as a highly imaginative green eggs and ham), crazy mary, sexy french girl fifi, daisy (actual flower), butterfly

halloween costumes I'd like to wear (if time and money were no issue): sonny and cher (with me as sonny and ward as a cher), 40s pin-up girl, lace paper doily (as seen in martha stewart living magazine), madonna (the borderline/lucky star days)

piece of halloween candy I always ate first: milky way miniature bar (though as I got older, I learned to save the best stuff for last)

piece of halloween candy I always ate last: mounds bar or anything black licorice-related (though these usually went totally uneaten)

scariest halloween moment: I grew up in a small southern illinois town where my dad was the basketball coach so our home was ALWAYS the target of so many halloween pranks. our trees were always full of rolls and rolls of toilet paper and our windows were always stupidly scribbled with white soap. kids were always ringing our doorbell and running for the hills. because this is what people in small towns do. and so one halloween, while my mom was getting my brothers and I ready for bed, the doorbell rang. dad was at the grocery store so my mother had to run downstairs to answer it. what we heard next was the loudest, longest and most horrific-sounding BLOOD-CURDLING SCREAM. my brothers and I sat frozen, staring at each other. should we go down and see what happened? what should we do? is she dead? I don't even remember what we did. here's what happened: a student of my dad's had come to the door dressed as a werewolf. when my mom looked out the window to see who was there, he looked in at the exact same time. I imagine their faces were no farther than 2-3 inches apart and family folklore has it that my mother actually fainted. one thing's for sure, I will never forget the sound of that scream and how I terrified I was, thinking something horrible had happened to my mother. happy halloween to me!

if you are thinking of how you would answer these questions, well then you are falling right into my halloween trap. please feel free to play along and leave your halloween history here. come on. waste some time with me.


  1. we'd make a perfect trick-or-treat pair... i love the licorice stuff... so between us it'd be all gone! :)

    i'd love to see you as sonny....

  2. Costumes I have worn (kid): Han Solo, Batman, Spiderman, Batman, Ponch (chips), Clemson football player

    (adult): soccer player, redneck ninja, condom, ugly UGLY woman

    (like to wear): Boba Fett, Boba Fett, Boba Fett... Stormtrooper, Darth Vader--well, basically anyone from Star Wars.

    Candy ate first: Milk duds.
    Last: Bit o honey

    No real scary moments except we did go deep in the woods to this old local family graveyard one halloween hoping to see a ghost. All we got was cold and sleepy. I did see what I thought was a dead cat hanging from a tree one halloween but it turns out it was a raccoon that some drunk college kids had lashed up.

  3. (kid) - hula girl, hobo, cat
    (adult) - alien, catwoman, princess leah
    (like to wear) - stilt walker
    (1st candy) - smarties, aero bars
    (last candy) - definitely black licorice (wouldn't be eaten)
    (scariest halloween moment) - at a friends party around the age of 9 or 10 - playing that game where you have to be blindfolded and taken along a table to feel the brains (spaghetti), eyes (grapes) in a bowl. for some reason i thought it was real.....

  4. Costumes as a child: Wonder Woman, Strawberry Shortcake, Raggedy Ann, Tiger, Old Person

    Costumes as an adult: Miss Chievious, Poison Ivy, Highway Robbery, 80's

    Candy ate first: Chocolate, Sweet Tarts, Pixie Stix (HATE those pumpkin creme things? that are shaped like pumpkins?)

    Scariest Moment: I was trick or treating - and I knocked on a door in the neighborhood (Dad was waiting at the sidewalk) and a man answered the door dressed as a werewolf. I SCREAMED and ran as fast as I could. It unnerved me that all the adults were laughing. I didn't see what was so funny.....

    Happy Halloween all!

  5. oh, I"m loving reading your Halloween lists...
    great, fun stuff!
    LOVE your blog!

  6. costumes as a kid: Betty Crocker (my dad worked for the company), punk rocker, lumber jack, tiger, and a few plastic ones with masks I cant remember

    costumes as an adult: Pocahontas, my mother in law (with my husband as his dad), Elian Gonzalez (with my husband as Fidel Castro), Flower Child

    Candy ate first: probably the quickies Sweettarts, m&m's etc.

    Candy ate last: anything with raisins, nuts or coconut. (Boo! to the Mounds/Almond Joy givers)

    No real scary moments except watching scary movies.

    we had lots of fun last night!!!

  7. Costumes I wore as a kid: cyndi lauper--three times!, ballerina, pirate

    First eaten Candy: butterfingers, sugar babies

    Last Eaten candy: milky way, three mousketeers


  8. Costumes I have worn as a kid:Giesha Girl, Southern Belle, Hippie, Girl from Holland (with real wooden shoes and big white hat thing!), Flapper (that was a fave)...many more, these just stick out

    Adult: REALLY FAT hillbilly (we found these size 60!"big Mac" brand overalls at the laundry (sudsy's) and could not resist!) with Billy Bob teeth (too too funny-but hard to bartend in!) another time i dressed up in fancy formal wear then had a friend who does make up professionaly put a big ugly bruise and gash with blood on my eye and face....someone at a gas station about fainted....let's say it looked SO real!

    Would like to wear: anything that is super funny and creative...i got a million ideas and yes, no time and money......
    If i had no limits on time or $ i would LOVE to do the whole family in a theme...like "Sound of Music" or something!

    Candy ate first: Reese's Cups and Hersheys
    Candy never ate: Mary Jane's, Licorice, Dots and Hard Cinnamon drops (yuck!)
    We always tell the kids to pick the BIG CHOCOLATE stuff and not that little cheesy candy (we also tell them that the parents automatically get HALF!! I mean why else would we have 4 kids...LOL)

    This year the kids went as: Donovan was Zorro, Liam was a Ninja, Roanan was Cat in the Hat, and Ari was a purple Dragon...we have a couple huge bins of costumes that we recycle out of and add to each year, each kid picked thier own....so no theme.
    I stayed home and wore a giant Mad Hatter's hat and passed out candy.

    Thanks Andrea, this was a fun diversion for my morning! love ya

  9. thanks so much for playing everybody! you made my week.