28 October 2005

help me

here's what's going to end up happening this weekend: I'm going to get all wrapped up in transforming the ava-girl into a butterfly fairy creature and the ez into a baby beatnik. and I will be too tired to think about my own costume. and there will be an extra added/special bonus edition of lameness that will flavor the usual excuses. we will listen to each other mutter things like how we're too tired and please, don't we already have enough to do, isn't this really all about the kids anyway? and let's just try to get through the day so we can do what we REALLY want to do which is make ourselves sick on candy corn while watching the original halloween movie with jamie lee curtis then pass out on the couch and blah, blah, blah. at some point, I'll come to my senses and want to throw something together to wear. I'll find myself going through costume boxes in the attic, frantically throwing together whatever I find. I predict that I will stand before ward with a crooked old wig on my head and some sort of weird dress and ask, "is this anything? could this be a costume? WHAT AM I?" (which reminds me of the time I bought a cheap blonde wig from k-mart and smeared bright red lipstick all around my mouth and called myself 'crazy mary').

or maybe I could just squeeze myself into a rubbersuit like the happy child above and call it a day. though something tells me that this scenario has absolutely nothing to do with halloween. but whatever.


  1. Crazy Mary...That's genius!!

    I love the image of you standing in front of Ward asking "Is this anything?" It kind of reminds me of that inevitable makeover scene in every 80's movie. Y'know, that montage of inappropriate outfits with Ward on standby shaking his head to each selection.

    Don't forget to score it some upbeat 80's tune. Happy 'Ween!

  2. yes that scenario shown is a little confusing. i thought at first they were trying to be superhero's of some kind. and klahd is right - the image of you standing in front of ward asking "is this anything?" is right out of a movie. ummm.....when i think of your attic i think of lampshades, lots and lots of lampshades. maybe a lamp?

  3. at least you are still attempting to even try and throw something together... i gave that up years ago! :)

    i love costumes that are completely odd and almost self-refferential... like you dressing up like that photo! what are you? oh i'm some kid from the 40's that's in a plastic rubber suit.... see... here's the photo! :)

    have fun!!

  4. i haven't dressed up in years but reading this makes me want to...and that pic...how funny...i love it!

  5. this picture is my favorite of all your found photos so far. (do i say that every time?) I love the suits, the buttons down the front of them, the stance and of course the other plastic suit with the apron/skirt over top. Perfect!! I'm thinking this isn't halloween, either...
    I hope you'll take pictures of your weekend---and not just the final costume you select--i'd like to see all the ones in between, the "is this anything?" getups!!
    have fun.

  6. first impression of this FANTASTIC found photo:

    "inga, do you like my new space suit? "

    "oh yes hans, it's lovely. i must go into the kitchen now and cook the weinerschnitzel"

    ok i have to dress up for a costume party next weekend. what was i thinking? it was my idea to have a costume party now i have no idea what to be. i am in charge of the music so i was going to be a dj but what the heck would i wear for that? i want to be margo tenenbaum but where could i find a full length fur coat? here's hoping your costume times monday are not this complicated.

  7. Love the photo! Andrea, you always make the special occasions extra special! I know you will have so much fun getting Ava and Ezra ready, and also throwing something together for you--last year worked out pretty well!

  8. That photo made me laugh so hard.

  9. Well, I was all set to purchase this great, screen accurate Boba Fett costume from ebay but Mandy wouldn't have it... Cool helmet and everything! Sheesh...

    Seriously, it sounds like so much fun to just pass out on the couch watching some cheesy scary movie with my wife. She is easing into her third trimester this week so I think she might be taking care of most of the candy!

  10. you make me laugh.
    crazy mary....
    my kataluna wig, this year, came from our local grocery store.
    sometime ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do....
    hmmmm. and i don't have the excuse of having children...well...sortof anyway. lol.
    you rock so much...please know that!