09 November 2005

it's the magic number

two is the magic number. well, no. we all know it's three but let's just pretend like it's two for the sake of the title. the oh so lovely poppy would like for me to do this and since I think she's the BEE'S KNEES, I'm saying yes! yes, I will do this. like anyone would have to twist my arm. hello, my name is andrea and I'm addicted to memes and questionnaires.

two names you go by:
1. hula/girlhula
2. and this

two parts of your heritage:
1. italian (predominantly)
2. german (vaguely)

two things that scare you:
1. heights
2. and these

two of your everyday essentials:
1. this
2. lip gloss in 'love nectar' made by these people

two things that you are wearing right now:
1. my brown leather wrist cuff
2. a pair of these ...though mine don't really look like that. they're black leather (and wooden) and made by BP and I love them. I've also been known to clunk around in brown ones and would like some in red, please.

two of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment):
1. mum
2. mars ILL

two favorite songs (at the moment):
1. 'trapeze swinger', by iron and wine
2. 'I've been thinking', by handsome boy modeling school (featuring cat power)

two things you want in a relationship (other than real love):
1. fun
2. passion (the gloriouslyreallifemessyrollercoasterridemakemecrazy kind)

two truths:
1. I would drink ice cold coca cola for breakfast every morning if it wasn't just the most horrible thing for my health
2. I believe in kicky little berets

two physical traits in the opposite sex that appeal to you:
1. lips and eyes like these
2. personal style like this

two of your favorite hobbies:
1. making stuff like this
2. photography

two things you want really badly:
1. a holga
2. an airline ticket to new york

two places you want to go on vacation:
1. here
2. and here (yes, I'd like to go back, would love to take ava and ezra)

two things you want to before you die:
1. see the world with this man
2. watch my children grow up, watch them raise my grandchildren in happiness and health (thank you jan, rhonna- can't put it any better than this)

two ways you are stereotypically a dude/chick:
1. I'm such a girly-girl who loves to shop and look at sparkly girly things like clothes and jewelry and shoes and make-up
2. I love fresh flowers

two things you are thinking about right now:
1. I need to brush my teeth and wash my face before it is officially wednesday afternoon
2. where can I buy a pink wig?

two stores you shop at:
1. here
2. and here (when I can)

two people you would like to do this:
1. lulu
2. m


  1. If you can believe this St. Louis now has two H & M's! So many reasons for a person to want to live here...

  2. I am starting to associate "great posts" with "Andrea". What a great little crash coarse into who you are. I really enjoyed checking it out! Thanks fo sharing!

  3. if only I knew how to post links like you! I will happily complete the meme because I, like you, love these little diddies!

    Very interactive, and I loved reading it!

    Nancy--why in the world are there two H&M's in St Louis and not one to be found within 10 hours of Atlanta??? This makes no sense to me...: )

  4. 2 H&M's in St. Louis?!?!?! I'm JEALOUS!!! But good to know there is one closer than Chicago. Anywho...in a non-weird way...I feel like we have A LOT in common! I know that always sounds weird from someone you don't know. Don't worry...I'm not psycho. But I would have answered a lot of those with the same answer. VERY FUN POST! I loved all the places and surprises I got when I clicked your links!

  5. This is a great post. Although I kinda knew all the answers, it still was fun seeing where you were taking me. Fun Fun Fun.

    Lulu, you don't have to do it like this, with the links and all -- Andrea was just doing it like Poppy did. You can answer the questions normally, without linkage. We won't mind!

  6. ok - i'm just imagining you in your clogs in the midst of a tornado holding your moleskin ... can ward draw that please?

    that was the best - really enjoyed it. howled at the tornado! (and the h&m - same thing here - about 8 in toronto and none past the ontario border...)

  7. I am scared to DEATH of tornadoes! Just the mention of them causes me to have bad dreams about them...either involving being out driving and seeing one on the horizon, or not being able to get my children and husband gathered together and safe in the basement or being asleep and not knowing its coming until I hear the thunderous roaring outside my window (and everyone in the house is sleeping through it but me). I've been having lots of tornado dreams lately, from reading headlines about the IN ones...
    I hope I NEVER, EVER experience one.

    Oh, the lampshade photo of ward? priceless.

  8. thanks, la vie en rose... glad you enjoyed the interactiveness... was hoping folks wouldn't be annoyed by this!

    nancila- yes, the reasons keep piling up... more and more reasons for us to move there. though Y-O-U are at the top of the list. also, forget NYC for my birthday... you, city museum and h&m are all I really need to do it up RIGHT.

    jared- thanks! glad you enjoyed it. you're an okay dude.

    lulu- seriously, if I can do this (which I am so new to, hence the link-heavy post... practice!)... I KNOW you can.

    AJ- glad you enjoyed all the clicket-clicking... and always fun to discover similarities...!

    ward- I live to fill your life with surprises. I long to be a woman of perpetual mystery to you... no, really.

    jan- crazy thing is, ward could (and probably would) draw that! all you have to do is say the word...! ha, and Iike that combination, too.

    molly- I KNOW! oh, I knowIknowIknow! growing up in the midwest (flat as far as the eye can see- southern illinois), tornadoes were always the biggest threat and I am really so fortunate not to have experienced one for real. but oh, the drills! the school drills! I hated those. wonder what all your tornado dreams mean? my sister-in-law often has dreams about natural disaster and I wonder if it signifies not feeling in control somewhere in your life... or something...? glad you enjoyed the photo of ward... it's one of my personal faves.