29 June 2019


things seen today:

old school pool umbrellas
a three hundred year-old live oak
a giant wooden milk carton in the middle of a field
wildflowers run riot along the side of the highway
two billboards for machine gun america
an elegant live oak heavy with spanish moss next door to a gas station
a billboard boasting 'live baby gators and florida tee-shirts'
a billboard boasting a country radio station that plays 'no rap and no crap' 
(in comic sans font no less, as if that no rap/no crap bit wasn't laughable and/or offensive enough)
a cloud clearly shaped like the letter L
a colossal confederate flag, large enough to cover a parking lot
(what I wouldn't give to burn it)
an endless, hopeful expanse of water the color of slate
a dozen gleaming airstream trailers
a slew of pink-tipped clouds
the bottom end of a double rainbow
bubbles in the car

america is nothing if not an endless, maddening contradiction.


  1. I LOVE your lists. I'd post this every day but it's seems redundant so know that it is true. Some people sign up to get a poem or quote in their inbox every day. I go to your lists every day for humor and inspiration and information. thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. thank you. I cannot think of a kinder comment and I cannot tell you just how much I appreciate it. xx