21 June 2019


done on the first day of summer:

bought a tent, on a whim
put up said tent in the backyard
marveled at the beauty and wonder of this tent
wondered why we have lived a tentless life for so many years
spread a plethora of sheets and pillows inside
ran a cord from the house to the tent for the small lamp I felt I simply must have
laid down inside with the kids, stared up at the sky
watched lightning bugs and the occasional airplane overhead 
then, miraculously, a shooting star
listened to the sound of cicadas and crickets and frogs, an impossible chorus
consumed sweet and sour twizzlers 
drank ice water out of jam jars
brought in air mattresses, blankets, more pillows
contemplated movies for watching
settled in for the night
saw flashes of heat lightning in the distance 
saw flashes of regular lightning even closer, heard thunder
felt the wind pick up, the beginnings of a storm
made a run for the house

(happy summer solstice, friends)