29 April 2019



things that hang on my wall:

ava's painted sun, circa 2004
small embroidered daisies, bought for a dollar at salvation army last month
nina simone's album here comes the sun, bought for a quarter at salvation army twenty years ago
a painting ezra made of a polaroid I took while standing at the top of black rock mountain
stay gold printed in gold ink, on black paper
an old photograph of my mom and dad holding me and my little brother
an embroidered piece of a photo I took of ava made for me by the inimitable shana 
a small card, hand painted by the inimitable annie of three fish studios
a record album cover ward designed for me for our twentieth wedding anniversary
abstract geometrics, in the softest of ice cream colors
a polaroid I took of ava in palm springs while traveling across the country back in 2014, perhaps my most favorite polaroid I have ever taken, of one of my most treasured memories, ever

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  1. I look at this beautiful wall for inspiration daily. I love it.