09 April 2019


saturday's red

streets I'd walk down right now, if I could, part one:

doyer street (new york)
burnside ave (portland)
royal street (new orleans)


  1. Where on Burnside is your fave part? Or rather which section of it are you imagining here?

    1. so hard to narrow! though I guess when I was writing this, I was thinking in particular of the stretch that starts near the bridge and travels by powells. I miss powells so, so much. especially these days. I also love the lower burnside stretch-- the one that runs by the old laurelhurst theatre. when I was there this past summer (in town to shoot a wedding), I did a lot of walking because I didn't have a car (and was trying not to spend a ton of money on uber)-- walked up and down burnside and sandy and alberta and all over downtown and of course, my old neighborhood. I miss living in a walkable city so much-- so, so much. (sure wish I could have worked in a bit of time with you while I was there!) xo

    2. I love those two parts too. Oh I would love to see you, anytime you're in this area but I also understand that it's not always possible.

      I've been thinking a lot about making a trip to Atlanta lately. I've still never been and I'm so curious about it and with you there too! It would be delightful, I just know it. When is the best time of year to visit there?

      I'm glad you are on the mend (I see you've been sick). I hope you feel even better tomorrow and like new again ASAP. xoxo, friend.

      Oh and I was out making photos earlier today (at the Willamette Falls Legacy site) and there were so many textures next to each other... I thought of you and how you are so good at capturing scenes like that!

    3. ahhhh COME TO THE ATL! I will show you all the best places and you can stay at my place (though I live outside the city, which is big fat bummer)-- the south is so profoundly different than the pacific northwest (not necessarily better or worse, just apples and oranges) (though there's a lot about the south I do not love) (but that's another conversation for another time)-- spring (march-may) and fall (mostly oct-nov) are probably the best, most beautiful, most temperate times to visit. summer time is not impossible but the heat and humidity can be pretty brutal. (winters are actually very similar to portland) come any time, my friend. would love to have you!

      the willamette falls legacy site sounds amazing. *sigh* touched you thought of me. always trying to find ways to get back to portland, always, always. miss all y'all. had so many wonderful friends in pdx (sadly cannot say the same about the ATL) (though family is here, so there's that)