22 July 2012

list forty-two: things I miss

surely I'm forgetting something:

1. rotary phones
2. lightning bugs
3. first kisses
4. polaroid film
5. new york city
6. dance class
7. my old body
8. sunshine, heat
9. the golden age of hip hop
10. the atlantic ocean
11. the kids as babies
12. fleamarkets with my mom
13. rides in the blue bambino with my dad
14. summers at the american dance festival
15. downtown cincinnati
16. back handsprings
17. slumber parties
18. snail mail
19. lauryn hill
20. fellini's pizza
21. camp with my cousin
22. weeks with great aunt louraine
23. RC cola in aluminum cups
24. tuesday nights at star bar
25. the backyard hammock
26. grandma corrona's bread
27. dancing with friends
28. atlanta, georgia
29. my childhood


  1. love this list! snail mail is the best, isn't it? i wish i received more of it - and that i wrote more of it. might need to get on that. :)

    p.s. love this idea so much i might have to borrow it sometime!

  2. the kids as babies. i've been aching for that lately.

  3. I miss my childhood, too. I so get that. :)

  4. Hey, after we talked about RC that day, we went to Kennedy School for dinner on Friday night, and they serve only RC there :D Go try it, its right by you, sort of! xoxo

  5. i love your list.
    i always do.
    but i felt myself nodding along with you missing so many of the same things, and wondering to myself, did i let them go for good or can i reclaim some..

  6. You sure know how to make your dad "tear up"! Thanks for sharing!

  7. of all the things that are a bummer about being an adult, losing the ability to really DANCE unself-consciously anymore is pretty high on my list. and rarely having any chances to even try! dancing with friends was one of the great joys of my teenage years.

  8. Having followed your blog for years, this is my first entry. Perhaps I'm feeling nostalgic today, perhaps I miss the cicadas in summer or the smell of jasmine flowers in the spring outside my window. Thank you for reminding me on a bleak winter's day in Oz.

  9. #18 -- oh hi oh! send me your address, i'll send you some snail mail. catcollier@hotmail.com for real! love this post!

  10. Always love your lists! Especially this one. I think I need to make one myself.

  11. What a list Andrea! Love this! And hell yeah, Fellini's is so amazing!

  12. this is one of my favorite of your lists. they're all great. but this one is...well...great. nostalgia is the best, isn't it?

  13. Fellini's Pizza is really good :) Love the list!

  14. I still write and send mails to my special loveones! :)

  15. great list. agree with so many although I've never had RC in aluminum cups. interesting.