16 September 2010

list twenty-seven: things I collect

in no particular order:

1. letters and numbers

2. more specifically, the number seven

3. found photographs

4. but especially vintage photobooth frames

5. world globes

6. souvenir pennants

7. any kind of vintage travel memorabilia, really

8. little christmas trees

9. enamel floral brooches

10. snippets of vintage wallpaper

11. wood and metal type

12. found paper scraps

13. old cigar boxes

14. vintage cameras

15. silver souvenir charms

16. suitcases from my childhood

17. and more recently, pictures of the sun

I will admit to collecting more than what is listed here. also, I would like to apologize for my overuse of the word 'vintage'. it could not be helped.


  1. These collections are so fun. I recently rummaged through bags of old photos at my parents house and found a photo booth frame from 1970 of my parents kissing!
    Thanks for sharing another great list.
    You're an eclectic collector.

  2. what an amazing collection! those photobooth pics are quite ethereal...love them. I have quite a fetish for the number 7 myself.

  3. LOVE this list! I love seeing what other people collect. I have lots of collections too...but my favorite one is globes. :)

  4. Ooo, number 9 reminded me of these amazing bouquets on etsy. Have you seen these?

  5. I love your lists. And I love collections. I also have a collection of old cigar boxes that I started when I was little because my dad smoked cigars and he would always give me and my brother the boxes.

  6. I just love to read your lists! I enjoy your blog period, but I've always had a thing for lists. I love the number 7 also. It's my favorite number.

  7. Your list inspires me:) Thanks!

  8. Have you been to the store Foursided, in Chicago? If you find yourself in Chicago, you have to go – it's full of letters and numbers and (my favorite) vintage flash cards.

  9. I still have the "F", "U", and "N" metal letters you gave me. Still so fun...

  10. Very cool collection! Why do you collect 7's? :)


  11. What fun collections!

    I'm trying to start collecting souvenir spoons, as I figure they're little and don't take up much space.

    I also seem to be getting quite the collection of old bowling pins somehow. That's a strange one.

  12. thanks so much for the kind comments, all!

    carrie at rhubarbsky, a friend sent me a link to that recently and I DIED. reason enough to renew the vows and have a second ceremony. :)

  13. oh, how happy your collection makes me!