19 June 2009

photobooth friday

all I can say is that we were at archie mcphee's. which is a place that just makes you want to do odd things. and buy odd things. before you know it, you are insisting your husband don blonde braids in the photobooth while you fill your little red shopping basket with things like bacon-flavored dental floss, bubblegum cigarettes, underwear for squirrels, corn dog air fresheners and enormous sombreros. in the end, you will come to your senses. though not before you have dragged several props into the photobooth and purchased the tiniest deck of playing cards ever, several cute plastic rings and a bottle of robot bubbles.

we hit the road back in february, found ourselves in seattle for a day and a night. found our way to the aforementioned infamous archie mcphee's (I'd heard about the photobooth) and settled in for the afternoon. road trips and photobooths go together quite nicely, which is something I wrote a little about in the latest issue of light leaks magazine.

if you are a fan of low fidelity photography at all, this publication is for you. page after page of toy camera goodness. page after page after page. you can find me (and my family) on pages 6 and 7 but you will only want to linger briefly because the rest of the issue is ridiculously fantastic. get your copy here, my toy camera-loving friends.

and another crazy one for today. just because. from the carnival a couple of weeks ago. a little expensive but totally worth it.

more photobooth awesomeness in my little group. the little group that just keeps on going, much to my utter and total delight.


  1. oh this post simply delights me.
    (love archie mcphees)

    happy weekend to you...hope you enjoy every moment...

  2. these photobooth shots are such a wonderful commentary on your life when you look back on them over time.

    love the hat one especially. reminds me of lena olin in the unbearable lightness of being http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096332/

  3. Hooray for photobooths! We have one here in Burlington, VT. A working vintage one, not the new icky digital (we have one of those too)

    In case you don't already know about Nakki Goranin and her book, "American Photobooth": here are two links I think you will enjoy.



  4. I LOVE photobooths!
    But trying to find
    a REAL one (not the
    digital crappy ones)
    is impossible in this
    town! Your photos are
    always so much fun!

  5. haha, archie mcphees. when i have nothing better to do, and even when i have better things to do, i look through their website. these pictures are great. the last one, haha!!

  6. i went to the flicker group & couldn't help it
    i joined & added a few strips...
    so fun :)

  7. squirrel undies? I gotta know where this place is!!

  8. i love your photobooth pictures! the props are amazing.

  9. congratulations on publication! how delightful.

    i heart archie mcphee!

  10. The photos are great! I wonder which Archie McPhee's you visited. They just built one blocks from my home (in Seattle) in a retail space that use to be a liquor store. Not sure which one's better: quick access to Kahlua or quick access to goofy merchandise? :) Hmmmm...

  11. there is one photobooth in my whole tiny little town, and it's usually broken. thanks for letting me live vicariously through your pics!

  12. Squirrel Underpants were my top Easter Basket sellers! Bubblegum cigarettes NEVER dissapoint either!

  13. Just can't get enough of photobooth photos, especially the old ones with their unique signature of marks or discoloration. Apparently there is an old photobooth in my neighborhood. I'm on the look out for it.

  14. I love your photobooth Fridays! I am going to be heading north to Oly, WA (I'm from Ashland, OR) and would like to make a quick stop in Portland to take some photobooth pics. Where are your photobooth haunts? I would really like something that is not too far from I-5.

    I'd love a recommendation! Thanks!