18 June 2009


I watched the annie liebovitz documentary recently and she said something I really loved.

she said that dance is art that sort of lives in the air.

exactly, I thought. that is exactly right. and as much as there was to take from that documentary, that is probably the one and only thing that will stay with me. forever and ever amen. that one sentence, that one idea. and I really sort of love when that happens.

p.s. deets on the above amazing photos:

1. Tami Stronach/Modern Guest Artist@DNA
2. Walking with ghosts
3. Dancing Soul
4. abellernyt
5. Stefanie Nelson/Modern Guest Artists@DNA
6. Untitled


  1. It is, isn't it? The photos are beautiful.

  2. I loved that documentary! One amazing woman...

  3. i've been taking dance classes lately and craving to photograph people dancing so these are inspirations speaking directly to my heart right now!

  4. gives much to think about - art in the air. I love it. thanks.

  5. wow, what a great quote. i've had that moment once before with a french film i saw.

    i just love when things stick with you.

  6. that must be why I love watching dance so much!

    beautiful photos

  7. beautiful, and so true...

  8. I love your photos and was wondering about Polaroids. How do you find film for your camera, and once you print the photo, how do you get prints without a negative? I think its a wonderful medium but know nothing about how to make copies, etc. Would love your suggestions.

  9. You're SO welcome! I really do enjoy looking at your stuff. Me and the Mr. just bought a house, so Im thinking I MUST add your photographs to our new home!

  10. A.L. ain't lying! ; ) I love her.

  11. brilliant. perfect photos and words.

  12. oh i love this. so so so stunning. and that simple sentence is very true.

  13. oh yum.
    the thing i love about dance is that you can see, nay, feel when someone is dancing with their whole soul. and it moves me. i can't make it through a night of SYTYCD without crying at least once.


  14. love

    loved to spilling up and over:)

  15. I'm a little late to the party on this one...

    I also have one strong moment from that documentary that has stayed with me - Annie's sister talked about how much of their youth they spent in a car and how she feels that's why they all became artists in their family, because they saw the world through a ready-made picture frame - a car window.

    Which as a filmmaker resonated deeply.

    Thanks for sharing! (Been nosing around your blog for a while now, and love to visit now and then....)