03 March 2008

mondays are for color (and other things)

like tomato soup (with toast on the side) and unexpected pre-breakfast trips to the thrift store. mondays are also good for sorting things out.

my mind was wild with ideas last night. they were coming at me all at once, like a thousand super bouncy balls set loose. I spent the better part of an hour scooting from room to room, hashing things out in a scattered fashion. ten minutes in this room to see what this pattern looked like with that color and then fifteen minutes downstairs in my studio to shift things around and hang this letter here and that photograph there and then five minutes looking at papers for a collage, sketching ideas for a piece and then ten minutes on the computer looking at this and that, ten minutes to write. oh and then ten minutes with the camera and another ten minutes playing musical lampshades (which is when you trade this lampshade for that one until every lamp in the house is wearing a different hat).

when I am creatively overstimulated like this, I usually try to see it through to the end. I try hard to collect all that is rolling through my mind and get it down onto whatever paper is available. then I make a beeline for the green couch, the one that pulls me deep into the delicious land of reclining. there's a crevice in the couch that makes it impossible for me to do anything other than curl up and stare at cable television. I give myself permission to check out, shut down, close shop for the night because seriously, my head just can't take it.

so today I am sorting things out. how about you?

more color on this day we call monday:

because sometimes what you need is a shot of color.


  1. love this post & loved your (e)mail.
    glorious colors! you are an improv dancer in the studio:) i get that way too... maybe i can dance then!

  2. I feel like this a lot. Glad to know I'm not the only one.
    thanks--enjoying your blog!

  3. hey lovely lady. thank you for this post. It is so beautiful to think of you and your creativity running about your house.

    enjoy the inspiration, I need some of that to rub off on me.

  4. next time this happens give me a call. i am really good a listening to free flowing ideas. seriously. ps. i love color.

  5. That is the nicest idea about Monday that I have ever heard!

  6. consider yourself lucky to have all that going on upstairs. Now you just need more time to deal with it. The couch is such an easy escape! I love your colorful photos!

  7. YES! all this color really perked up my day!

  8. no one does color like you do, andrea. love it.

  9. these shots are amazing, as always!

    i love color, sometimes it can make everything better!

    looking forward to color week, too!
    i did it last year, got the idea'r from
    your site, and it was so much fun!

  10. add thrift shopping to the list of things I wanna do with you someday, lovely colorful hula girl!

  11. Hello! I found you on the 52 projects website and I really love your Monday photos. Could I please use the one of the blue birdcages on my blog? There's something really cheerful about it. I also like your idea of things to do before your next birthday. Mine is coming up and I've been inspired to make a list too. Also, i'm going to add you to my blogroll.

  12. oh, that color is a sight for sore eyes. Yay! for collage and yummy papers and sketches (and now I crave tomato soup with toast on the side, thanksverymuch)

  13. love your life lived so fully in color! its very inspiring.

  14. so vibrant and alive.
    yes, a shot of color is most certainly soul medicine...specifically prescribed for mondays!
    i love your blog!

  15. andrea,
    i have read your blog for a couple of years now. it has been very inspiring. my husband and i live in calgary, alberta. we are looking to move back to the states (my husband is from las vegas and we were in south pasadena, ca before that) and the city of portland keeps flashing across our radars... my husband is a photo-illustrator (www.cjburton.com) and we are looking for a good place to live/work.
    what are your thoughts on portland? honestly.
    is it a good place to raise a family? how about the weather? how are the schools?
    i would so appreciate your take on it.
    thanks muchly,
    jessica burton {jessica@cjburton.com}

  16. LOVE the photos. The turquoise and lime green? My two favorite colors.

  17. Ilove the detail on the flowers bravo, ot makes me want to crawl in one of the petal cones and recharge:)