25 March 2008


spring break for ava so we're pretending we're on vacation. absolutely thrilled to have a break from the daily grind. wishing we could just get in the car and drive somewhere, anywhere. trying to see something new in portland everyday this week. updates to come.

am loving the braille graffiti project. a thousand times over, I am loving it.


  1. hi. i've been on break for about two weeks now. i'm one lazy girlie. :) we're off to do one of the following this weekend:

    1. snow shoeing
    2. snow boarding
    3. whale watching

    but we JUST can't decide. i don't own a car so we'll be renting a subura over the weekend. YOU should take Ava to see the Weather Machine Show on the square. start time: noon.

  2. thanks for this link! Ford is fascinated with braille right now and he'll love this.