27 March 2008


it's thursday and thursdays really mean something around here. so it's time for the junk mail collage from moleskine #2. also, it's time for an update. the frigid, rainy state of affairs here is not cramping our style. well, maybe just a little. while on fake vacation this week, we've seen:

a chemistry lab
a rainbow (for reals)
an elvis impersonator
a barn owl named julio

we've seen and done more than that but I'm all about the highlights today.


  1. You always make the best collages.

  2. you've seen some sights!
    excellent colors you've put together there in your piece, especially fond of the pinks and greens this time o year :)

  3. http://portnatalia.blogspot.com/2008/03/caught-sight-of-beautiful-rainbow-from.html here is a Photo of the very same rainbow you probably took an eyeful of... yay! the weather has been so topsy turvy these days. from sunshine to clouds to an amazing ROY G. BIV creation... and today, it is snowing: the flakes are light and fluffy but when they hit the ground they go buh bye... :(

  4. This collage is a jewel. I also like your list of "highlights" from the day. It's good to dwell on those beautiful moments in life :). Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. shannon in romeJuly 23, 2008 10:50 AM

    i love your colorful life