11 May 2007

photobooth friday

just for fun.

but also because it's friday and the beginning of a good weekend, I think.

good because it's mothers' day weekend and I am planning on milking it. is that wrong? if it is, I don't want to know. I told ward that I am expecting a parade in my honor. and also: a vintage bicycle, a new camera, a hammock and some new earrings. but really, I would be perfectly happy with breakfast in bed, some ava and ezra original paintings and a foot massage. though don't tell ward that. I think he's pulling together a parade (with floats!) and I'd be nuts to put a stop to that.

I do have some modest plans: a girly day with ava (lunch at bumblekiss maybe and an afternoon of hitting all the thrift stores and antique shops we can handle). I am also officially signing up for a sewing class (thank you, mom). I've been dreaming of going to the movies now for so long and I see this weekend as my big chance to get out. I'd like to see this but I'm predicting that I'll be too tired. in which case, I'll get all cozy-like under the covers and watch this instead. and sunday after church: a trip to the photobooth at the ace hotel, kite-flying in the park (if it's windy enough) and a stop at saint cupcake or pix patisserie on the way home.

me and my mom, circa 1980 and first posted here

most importantly, I plan on calling my mom. wishing she could be here to jump into a photobooth with me. missing her terribly these days.

all you mamas out there, what are you doing this weekend? I'd like to know.

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  1. Well, well, my Mother's day/ 8 year anniversary present is to get rid of my shabby house and BUY A NEW ONE! Move in on Tuesday. Lotta work, but lotta joy! Happy mom's day And.

  2. if that is the only thing you ever use those paperdolls for, it will have been the best possible use. happy mother's day.

  3. love the paper dolls! this weekend we have invited my mother to visit and we're taking her to a fancy dinner. my friend also planned a baby shower for me and tom is taking me to a yankee's game for my first mothers day. that last part is a little questionable, possibly more for him than for me? i've been told there will be ice cream though.
    happy mothers day!

  4. Your photo booth selections this week are so wonderful, truly. I love the paperdoll photos so much. And I've been coveting a new Nikon D40 (maybe I should consider the D50??) but it won't happen for Mother's day. The recent rash of car crashes (ahem) took any discretionary $$ away for awhile.

    I snuck into the city yesterday, had some alone time this afternoon (watched the Tudors, how decadent) and tomorrow I plan to rollerskate a beautiful trail next to a river and I'm hoping some cool grafitti awaits my point and shoot under the highway overpass, all hobo styly.

    Happy Mama's day beautiful mama!!

  5. Happy Mother's Day! I hope the parade in your honor went off without a hitch. Great links in this post (and I'm not saying that for the obvious, self-promoting reason) - the Ace Hotel is on my "must-stay" list.

  6. jennifer (dreemintrea)May 14, 2007 1:18 AM

    lovely!!!! i love those paper doll things with the folder over tabs and WHAT a fun way to play with them. happy mothers day to YOU!

  7. Hello!!
    Just stopped to say hi and tell you that a few days ago i found about your lovely red cake in flickr and i could'nt stop thinking of making one!
    And so i did!!
    Let me tell you that your photos are lovely, girly, and have such beautifull colors!!! I love them!
    I ended doing a google surch by "girlhula" to find you and tell you this. I'm also a young mother from Portugal, starting a new blog "5-au-sac" but my (our) life of the last year is all in the old "Tolice", altough you may find hard to read it unless you know some portuguese! :)
    best regards from around here!
    Lia, "mim".

  8. a parade?? why didnt i think of that? good one. hope your weekend was splendid. love love love those photos of you and your mom.

  9. happy celebration of being a mother!! love that paperdoll stylin, too cute!


  10. I love these photos! I wish the photo booths in Paris did sequential photos instead of 4Xthe same.

    I just posted my one and only photo booth photo today. all the rest are in the states in storage.

  11. You and your mom are absolutely gorgeous....BEAUTIFUL! Great photo!