09 May 2007


I've been trying to open my eyes in different ways lately, broaden my scope of thinking. I'm taken by the idea that inspiration comes from so many different places, in so many different ways and mostly, at the oddest times.

if you fold up and close yourself off, it's impossible to see this. I don't even think I realize I'm all folded up sometimes. I try hard not to think of all I've missed along the way because I wasn't looking, because I wasn't paying close enough attention. instead, I try to think about the things I haven't missed, how some of those sparks turned into great fires. also, I like to think about what's ahead and just around the corner. I think maybe that's why taking a photograph on the daily feeds me like no other creative project ever has before.

merce cunningham talks about how he 'sees all movement as dance: a man stepping off a curb, a woman jiggling her foot impatiently, a bird arching its bony shoulders'. one of the greatest choreographers of our time gets the everyday thing in the most profound way. truly, the most powerful dances I have ever been a part of were ones that were born from the simplest gestures. movements that normally would've gone completely unnoticed took on great significance, were woven into distinct patterns and rhythms. in this way, they were given a voice and a sense of permanence.

then yesterday, I was reading about how these rusty red oil drums in texas were the inspiration for earrings made by sulu-design. I am in love with the premise of this (and crazy about the earrings too). she's been inspired by (and created earrings after): a fruit stand in queens, a favorite hotel lobby, a neighborhood laundromat and perhaps my favorite: yellow patio furniture spotted in brooklyn. I imagine wearing a pair would lead to thinking about the how they came to be. which would of course lead to talking-- I think I would always want to talk about that fruit stand or the yellow patio furniture, even though I never saw any of it for myself. I would be wearing a piece of that everydayness, a tiny fragment of inspiration from a different time and place and that would be enough for me.

the more I look, the more I see. I'm not sure what to do with it all, but I like the idea that it exists: colors hidden all over the city, neighborhoods that appear out of nowhere, unlikely musical instruments, accidental street art, pedestrians unknowingly participating in random dances, extraordinary pattern and design in cluttered storefronts. there's an infinite accessibility in this way of seeing, endless possibility in all of it and I like that. I really like that.


  1. how funny, about an hour ago, I went through my earring box - throwing out the ones I don't wear anymore because they tarnished... i am buying some new ones now from sulu -they are beautfiful -thanks for the tip..and then i might inspire someone else to wear colourful earrings ...

  2. very inspritational post :) You truley have the eyes and heart of an artist :)

  3. you, my dear friend, are one of the most open people i almost have met ! :) [are you coming down here or what?!?!]

    seriously. if you can contemplate the fact that you aren't always open... if by default means you aren't closed. nuff said.

  4. hello. i stumbled across your blog the other day and have to say, i truly am inspired by your photos and writing. thanks so much.


  5. Thanks for a lovely reminder on finding art in the everyday...

  6. i think lisa hit the nail on the head, just being able to admit that you miss things means you are open to catching that much more. love the photos!

  7. i like that too! you have very eloquently written what i have also been thinking about. thanks.

  8. I really love this post - so inspiring to me Andrea. I love that last photo so much - the paint, the texture of the wood. Again, I'm totally digging your posts of late, you are one cool chick my friend. xo

  9. Oh, I am selfish because although Portland is so much closer, you still don't live
    so that I could be seeing these things right along with you. Although, you have encouraged me to keep on seeing things in a new way all on my own.
    Soon :),
    p.s. I'm with Lisa S. - you comin' down here or what?!

  10. this is gorgeous, all of it. i felt like i was reading the begining of a grown up picture book.
    so wonderful.

  11. great post. infinite accessibility in the everyday. i love that. thank you!

  12. I love this post. (I love sulu designs too. I look forward to her photos and creations on the regular!)So much of my own artwork is about seeing. Sometimes I feel like I have to stretch to get beyond making assumptions about the things around me. I'd rather than being in a place of constant discovery because then live is oozing with wonder and vibrant fascination. I love your photographs for this reason. You inspire me to keep looking.

  13. I'm behind in my blog reading...just catching up. What a magical post. I love how your words always move me. If you wrote a book, I'd have tons of passages underlined.