04 December 2006

stuff I did (this weekend)

1. took the kids on their first marta train ride.

2. mentally rearranged my book shelves-- first in order of subject, then in order of color.

3. while at The Mall, wandered into the mob scene that was urban outfitters and as the kids scaled waist-high piles of shag rugs, managed to drool over this. and this. and this. which led to the dropping of mad hints to the one I call dearsweetadoringlovelyandamazing husband. and then wondered where these shoes were because I wanted to try them on for the 17th time already. really, they're just a winterized version of a pair I already own. still, I heart them. also, wondered why urban feels the need to be the new spencer's gifts. it's really gross. really.

4. burnt the pizza (again).

5. laid on the couch with ward and discussed photography, christmas cards, ezra's erratic sleeping habits, future life endeavors and ava's current my little pony obsession.

6. wondered what a cotton candy stand was doing in the middle of the walmart parking lot in december. there it sat, in a sea of SUVS and frenzied shoppers, like a beacon of hope. like it had just dropped from the great carnival in the sky.

7. stood in front of the refrigerator in the middle of the night and ate mandarin oranges straight out of the can.

how about you?


  1. nothing much, sat around and slept. Nice photos you have here, colorful. :)

  2. girl, I can hardly wait for next friday... yes, that is what I did and I pulled in two others with me. Just WAIT. the up coming set rocks.

    I suppose if you are going to shop at WalMart you might as well be on a sugar high and corn dog full stomach, right?

  3. i got most of my christmas shopping done!!! yippeee!!!!

  4. i had a fun-filled weekend my friend, let me tell you. and now i'm going to copy your christmas wish list because i must have both of those cameras. i have a holga that i haven't used in years, just found the little instruction manual the other day and thought i should pull it out....hmmm. my girl had cotton candy at a birthday party in brooklyn and still smelled of it when she came home. xoxo!!

  5. 1. Watched Alias Season 4 on DVD.
    2. Circled the parking lot of Green Hills Mall for approx. FIVE HOURS looking for a space.
    3. Had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory
    4. Loved it.
    5. Watched cautiously as my husband slid around the roof of our house putting up Christmas lights
    6. Ran out of lights about 4ft. before being finished so had to go find more lights.
    7. Realized that we bought the current lights last season on sale so had to go to four different stores to find matching lights.
    8. Hung up extra lights
    9. In the dark.
    10. Marveled at the lights.
    11. Spyed on neighbors having trouble with the law (one was in handcuffs in the patrol car....uh-oh).
    12. Cleaned house.
    13. Washed dog.

  6. too funny, i use urban dictionary often too. :)

    we went to an art musuem, a giant park, complete with a carnival, grocery shopped (still a crazy thing here!!) and i bakes shortbread. mm a taste of home.

    your weekend sounds lovely,.

  7. I visited a new addition to a friend's family (a golden retriever puppy), I performed some improv, I ate some Nutrisystem and marveled at my big fat a** in the mirror.

  8. wow, that corn dog stand is really something....
    we did a community meal thing and baked some pie. i wrote out christmas cards and we dicsussed phrases like "season's greetings" and "happy holiday".
    ava has traded pollyworld for ponyville?

  9. my husband main that EXACT same comment about u.o./spencer's gifts! great minds......=)

  10. i did this on saturday and this on sunday. now i'm heading home to new zealand (currently sitting in the airnz lounge at lax).

  11. nothing as exciting as you....

    i <3 that cotton candy stand thing....