14 July 2006

photobooth friday

my stash of vintage/found photobooth snaps. I heart them all. I talk to them in the wee hours of the night and listen to them whisper deep, profound secrets. um, not really. but I do like to look at them.

because you can't (you won't and you don't) stop:

the whole self
woof nanny

and this one because it is ridiculously fantastic.


  1. I have a vintage photo up (not booth, but still fun). Have you considered writing a book about this? I got the book you recommended (Babette Hines), but it's just postcards. I'd really like to read about why these are such important elements of our childhood, why they're significant, etc. Have you seen Charles Phoenix's books? He does slide shows in Los Angeles featuring vintage slides he found in thrift stores.

  2. I have a photobooth photo FINALLY up!! I'm so happy to finally participate and I've got 4 strips that I will use each week, frame by frame. Hurray!!

  3. I'm swooning. SWOONING. But then, you knew I would.

    And now I'm also very excited because I spy with my little eye the kind that come in a strip and I have 3 of those and now that means I can post Photobooth Fridays again! Starting next weeeeeek. Yay me.

  4. This is such a beautiful shot of your shots :)

    I've asked the local estate sale company guy to keep an eye out for these for me so hopefully, one of these days, I can get some variety going with my Fridays.

    Hope you are well, my friend, you are in my thoughts...

  5. i always wonder where these little lovlies come from... how/why were they let go into the world b/c i mean WE'D never let them go....

    gorgeousness.... [and i had no idea about the flickr group. how is that possible?]

  6. oh the stories here. i love it.

  7. Oh, wow. Makes me miss my stash so much! (Accidentally thrown away in an incident that makes me shudder everytime I think of it.)

    Those are amazing. And I like Barb's idea about a book ... you're such an amazing writer and you have a passion for this subject. Sounds like an ideal Chronicle book to me!

  8. wow! i'd love to hang out and stare at them all!