24 September 2015

atlanta + amsterdam: buildings

atlanta, left:

a favorite old abandoned building, downtown atlanta, two blocks from the alleged heart of the city, woodruff park, peachtree street. atlanta, with its propensity for tearing things down and starting over again. atlanta with its insatiable need to destroy and rebuild, deconstruct and reconstruct, this is the pattern. the blood of too many beautiful old buildings on the hands of this city I love (which I do still love, despite this).

amsterdam, right:

joyce's favorite corner building, de jordaan neighborhood, amsterdam. amsterdam, with that climbing ivy and those lovely bicycles. that history, that charm. I would climb inside this polaroid and live for a little while, if I could. if science would allow it.

(read more over on joyce's lovely, amazing blog and you can read more about this twelve-week collaborative project here)