04 March 2014










when I was little, orange was my favorite color. I liked the way the word sounded, the way it rolled around my mouth. I could almost taste it, I could smell it. it was the one word that actually sounded like the color that it was. I can remember thinking this, remember the moment. the brown vinyl interior of the station wagon, legs stuck to the seat, arms out the window, driving through town, running errands with my mom. orange, I thought to myself. orrrrrange, you sound good to me. you feel right. so funny, the things you remember from childhood, the things that stay with you. little clips that loop endlessly, fortuitously.

I have been saying the word inside my head all week. orange. I have been thinking about that seven year-old girl. I have been missing her.

(more orange over at color//colour lovers, over at xanthe's)

(and now we are swimming in blue)


  1. I somehow knew you would blow Orange out of the water. You've started off with a bang in blue, too. Thank you for doing these color weeks!