04 February 2014






not pictured: the yellow tulips I bought, the spill of yellow paint on the sidewalk, the yellow balloons meant to attract potential apartment renters, the neon yellow straw I chose at the coffee shop, the old yellow cigar boxes stacked in the kitchen, the number 16 on the back of ezra's basketball jersey, the bag of lemons I brought home to photograph but forgot.

(for color//colour with xanthe)

(next up: pink)


  1. Love this project! It reminds me that color is wonderful too (I love black and white). Now I want a front door like the one pictured above! :)

  2. Wow, a fantastic collection. Love them.

  3. I love your yellow - pictured and not pictured. Sending sunshine to you xxx

  4. more yellow, all the yellow! i have a full set of those yellow floral plates--i found them in the garbage.

  5. Ohhhhh, I would not have paired those two colors- and I like it. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous!