08 December 2008

drum roll, please

well, we threw all 184 numbers into a hat and these are the two that miss ava picked: 33 and 159.

comment number 33 came from rad julia of minecreations (straight outta minneapolis, yo) and comment number 159 came from lovely shannon of old soul designs. you are ze winners, pretty mamas! deets are headed your way today.

thank you thank you thank you for all the kind and congratulatory words, peeps. can't tell you how much it means to me. really, I can't.

p.s. I think ava would like for me to do a giveaway every single day of every single week forever and ever so she can pick little paper numbers out of hats. and who can blame her? it's fun.


  1. congratulations to the lucky recipients!

  2. congrats to Julia and Shannon, you lucky things...

    I am with Ava... sounds like a lot of exciting fun.

  3. congrats ladies...at this moment I am just basking in my luck...lucky me, you finally opened your etsy shop...I love it! Welcome to the loveliest of communities dear...xo t

  4. holy crap!! i absolutely never win anything, and this is most certainly the thing to win. thank you thank you thank you. thirty three might be my new favorite number. it has a nice ring to it.

    and seriously, congrats on the shoppe opening!

  5. So exciting! Thanks Andrea and Miss Ava -you made my day! And congrats again on the new shop!

  6. congrats to the winners!! I wanted to post to say I am so glad you have joined Etsy!!!! you will do fabulous and we're glad to have you and your inspiring self aboard!!!!