11 July 2007

wednesday: green

no words today. just green.


  1. i want to live in the top place! i received your postcard yesterday... swoon! i love love love it, and what you wrote and your adorable hand writing. thank you andrea!

  2. oh so lovely!
    looks like you hang out in some cool places!

  3. Love it all!!!!

    my green is here:

    happy wednesday!

  4. Really yummy greens. I love these.

  5. greens so green your eyes widen! love them all :)

  6. Beautiful photos! I'm new to your and I'm really lovin' this colorweek summer project! Looking forward to collecting my Green photos. ;)

  7. no words necessary, your photos say it all ;-)
    is that your little girl in the photo? she's so beautiful.
    we had lots of fun here with green today...

  8. Haha, that's a sneaky face if I ever saw one.

    I lived in a house a few years ago where the previous tenant had painted the entire kitchen electric green. I could never muster up an appetite while I was in there, but I sure wish I had taken a photo of it.

  9. i first checked out your flickr site when i saw the green in the thumbnails.
    the first one is just so lovely. makes me want to hang out there. i thought..."how did she see this? how did she KNOW that this would rock so much?'

    i am so inspired.
    man oh man.

  10. beautiful photos, everyday! I wish I had been in on this earlier. What a fun challenge!

  11. Even more amazing photos!!

  12. thanks, all! so glad you are enjoying the photos... even more so, I'm glad so many of you are playing along. I don't know about you, but I'm having a ball. I'm behind checking in with everyone but can't wait to make the rounds later on today!

    mati, that top place is at the old lakewood fleamarket in atlanta... sadly, it no longer exists. I want to live there too! (so glad you received my postcard... so glad you love it). xo

    kirsten michelle, that is my daughter ava. :)

    caitlin, that sounds... wow. wish I could've seen that!

    kathleen, you inspire me...!

    ellyjane, who knows? it's been so much fun, we may have to do another round. I know I will eventually!