06 February 2006

four things

tagged by the lovely, lovely kristyn and bee-yoo-tee-ful jenny with this one and we all know how I feel about memes. plus, have you noticed how this one has made serious rounds? hello, dooce? keri? didn't know you girls could slum it with us down here in memesville. one two three four, here I go:

four jobs I’ve had:

1. concessions girl: sold skittles and mountain dew to cute sweaty boys for a couple of summers at my dad's basketball camps. not a bad gig.
2. server/waitstaff for one of atlanta's oldest (as in old southern money) country clubs: not particularly enamored with the whole country club scene but would be lying if I said I didn't love working those glitzy wedding receptions. in the belly of the obnoxiously overindulgent wedding reception beast-- this is where I learned how to set a gorgeous table, fold elegant white cloth napkins into impossible shapes and serve champagne like a pro. and because rich folk don't do doggie bags, leftover fresh flowers and fancy wedding cake to take home. word.
3. program director for non-profit dance education organization in inner city atlanta: moving in the spirit (stepping stones program). a job I loved but had to leave behind when I became a mother.
4. dance teacher: mainly modern and creative movement but also: african and hip hop. can fake my way through ballet if I have to. ages 3-63 in schools, afterschool programs, shelters, juvenile detention centers, studios. it's what I always saw myself doing, what I went to college for and how I'll be rocking it at age 94. god willing.

four movies I can watch over and over:

1. bottlerocket
2. slaves of new york
3. crooklyn
4. flirting with disaster

four places I’ve lived:

1. salem, illinois: small town in the southern half, two hours east of st. louis.
2. cincinnati, ohio: made the big move my junior year of high school. my brothers and I were so happy to be getting out of salem, we wept tears of joy.
3. durham, north carolina: rented a room from a nice old couple three blocks from duke university for two summers while studying at the american dance festival.
4. atlanta, georgia: wow, since 1991.

four tv shows I love:

1. project runway
2. the office
3. arrested development
4. seinfeld reruns

four places I’ve vacationed:

1. new york city: again and again and again.
2. florida: miami, navarre beach and indian shores.
3. new orleans: honeymoon in the french quarter. took ava and ezra to stay in the same little bohemian hotel on our ten year wedding anniversary.
4. italy: venice, florence, san gimignano and rome (most amazing thirteen days of my life).

four of my favorite foods:

1. pizza with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes
2. cherries: fresh, frozen, dried
3. baked sweet potato 'fries' with raspberry dipping sauce
4. homemade red velvet cake: I bake it (from scratch using an old recipe) once a year for my birthday.

four albums I can't live without:

1. mos def: black on both sides
2. mum: finally we are no one
3. lauryn hill: the miseducation of lauryn hill
4. ella fitzgerald and louis armstrong: ella and louis again (what ward and were listening to together whilst we fell madly in LOOOVE).

four sites I visit almost daily:

1. wardomatic: I'm a do right woman.
2. flickr: obsessed with flickr.
3. ebay: got my eye on some pretties.
4. so many blogs, people. SO MANY BLOGS: take a looky at my linkies. all that and then some.

four places I would rather be now:

1. new york city: wandering the streets, taking photographs, letting the day happen. or sweating my way through alexander beller's phenomenal modern class. whatever you got, I'll take it.
2. the ocean: shell-hunting with my kids, breathing in thick salty air, screaming at the waves.
3. city museum: flying down three-story steel tube slides with the ava-girl, getting covered in paint and glitter while making kooky paper hats, spending way too much time and money in the photobooth at beatnik bob's.
4. italy: with ava and ezra and ward. fields of heavy-headed sunflowers (ripe for romping), cross country train rides, roman fountains and creamy gelato on the spanish steps.
*BUT ALSO: in art class (making collages), at the fleamarket or on a hot date with ward. oh wait, that's five. six, seven places I'd rather be. I hereby declare myself free of all meme rules. starting... now.

four items in my purse (bonus round courtesy of madness, via marigoldie):

1. broken crayons
2. 53 different tubes of lip gloss (yes, I need them ALL)
4. bright red super-duper bouncy ball
5. faux fur change purse with pennies for the fountain at fellini's

and this is the part where I tag four others but this meme has been all over the place and I don't remember who, what, what, when, how or why. so if you haven't done this one, tag. YOU'RE IT.


  1. good list. i'm fascinated by your movie picks because i haven't heard of any of them. and you know i'm with you on arrested development.

  2. i completely forgot about bottle rocket... such a good movie!!

    and how much do i love that there are broken crayons in your purse??

  3. i love it! and i hope someday to visit city museum--it always sounds like so much fun. concessions girl....ah the memories. great lists! and although it is unofficial i am counting myself tagged and off to list my fours!

  4. oh you made this meme so good! with 53 lip glosses and crayons in your purse! what a fun mom!

  5. i am with lulu...i am counting myself tagged too. i am loving this list and really wanting to check those 1 movies i haven't heard of. as usual.....i love your style. :)

  6. I love Slaves of New York with Bernadette Peters and Spike Lee's Crooklyn!
    I just played Lauryn Hill yesterday and Ella's Swingin' Christmas was our holiday soundtrack during Christmas time!

  7. where did you go to highschool at in cincy? i attended anderson high school and sycamore.


  8. These are great. Of course, I knew practically every answer (except about the "cute sweaty boys" when you were a concessions girl -- gonna have to talk to you about that). So, yes, I've finally got around to doing mine too. Enjoy.

  9. Oh, but I don't have a purse for the super-special extended version. Sorry.

  10. I forgot to do the album and movie portion of the program, but I will boldy say that the miseducation of LH is in my top 3 CD's of all time.

    Great list!

  11. Hi Andrea!
    I decided to put one more of the "4s" on your blog 'cause Ward didn't have what was in his purse on his blog.
    Four things in my purse right now:
    1- Large leopard designed makeup bag (luv it) with all my emergency makeup
    2 - Huge key chain with keys to everything in the world
    3 - Three pocket calendars from the last 3 years 'cause each one has a different list of phone numbers that I haven't transferred over yet to one calendar
    4 I have only five lip glosses - guess I need to go buy more!

    Phew! glad this is over - it makes my head hurt.

  12. Wow! Are you sure you weren't looking in my bag?! I just found a mirror-world in this list! :)

  13. Your concessions girl confession is hilarious! Who wouldn't want to sell skittles to cute sweaty boys???

    heh heh

    Ward tagged me on Tuesday with this meme madness...so I delivered. It became an entire post on my blog!!! It's quite addictive...especially when the answers are creative and FUNNY like yours!

  14. this is why i love memes too! a direct way to get to know a little but more about you!! :)

  15. Hi there!
    I just moved to Durham and am eagerly awaiting the American Dance Festival. :)