05 June 2005

music baton

this is a meme (musical spam, if you will) that has been making the rounds for quite a while now. I have been tagged by my LOV-ERRR so I must do this. actually, I'm known for my extensive list-making. I love to make lists (all about the top fives, people) and I love to read lists. lists, list, lists. well, then. here's my list:

total volume of music files on my computer(s):
8.92 GB in my iPod
5.96 GB in my Powerbook G4

the last CD I bought was:
amos lee, but received deepspace five's 'unique just like everyone else' for free from my bro (around the same time).

song playing right now:
pink moon by nick drake

five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
now we have a map of the piano by múm
love by mos def
hallelujah by jeff buckley
my coloring book by mars ILL
zion by lauryn hill

honorable mentions: (because it would be a crime to leave these off the list)
subterranean homesick alien by radiohead
umi says by mos def
la vie en rose louis armstong's version
adore by prince
la boob oscillator by stereolab

okay, now I've actually listed ten songs. I know I've broken the magical musical meme rules here. what can I say? I live on the edge.

Passing the baton to:
lulu of lulu's world
jan of poppy
joy of scrapalicious
meridith of non sequitor

(you're supposed to hand this off to five people but my fifth person of choice-mommy zabs- is currently a little under the weather.)

Recieved baton via:
ward of ward-o-matic

feel free to leave your favorites here. like I said, I love to read lists. and I love to find out what others are listening to as well. lay it on me.


  1. girl, I love music, but I don't even have any on my computer (jon does, but not me:) I haven't bought music in forever, and I mostly listen to radio (or fruit of the spirit kids cd:)...I'm a bad memer:) Here's a link to one I did a few months ago:


  2. yeah, I figured you had already done something like this... thanks for the link, though.

  3. man i have been so slacker on music. What a shame. Shopping too... but that is probably good :) I really need to update my ipod and fix my itunes. I have several songs i bought that I haven't been able to load cause my permissions aren't right.....
    oh excuses.
    thanks for sharing your music picks!!!

  4. yikes...!!! this is going to be fun! just one question? who am i going to pass the baton to or maybe its a boomerang in my case; in other words who is going to read my blog to pick them up? any ideas? hahahahaha!

  5. p.s. - love love love (your lingo - it's wearing off on me - did you notice?) pink moon, lauryn hill, radiohead. actually great choices in music! dig it!

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  7. i had to redo my comment.......i LOVE your music taste.
    jeff buckley? lauryn hill? mars ill? radiohead? louie armstrong? mos def?

    you are a woman after my own heart

  8. I have to respond to this one...

    Stored so far:
    7 GB - iPod
    15 GB - iMac

    Recent Purchases:
    Coldplay - Speed of Sound
    Gavin Degraw (Stripped album) - Chariot & More Than Anyone

    Playing right now:
    Delerium - After All, mixing into:
    Labworks - Ibiza Sun

    Usually somewhere in the shuffle:
    DJ Christopher Lawrence
    George Michael - Amazing (Club Mix)
    Stacie Orrico - Hesitation
    Andain - Beautiful Things
    Ivy - Edge of the Ocean (Duotone Mix)
    Michael W. Smith
    DJ D:Fuse - Begin
    Joe Satriani - Always With Me, Always With You
    Huey Lewis & the News
    Jamiroquai - To the Moon
    Ultrabeat - Pretty Green Eyes
    Craig David
    TobyMac - Irene
    Center of the Sun (Solarstone) - Conjure One

    And of course, my own mixes, off my Roland XP-50 Synthesizer and Pro Tools gear. Ha. ;)

  9. You've got some great ones on that list, enough to make me think I should check out the others that I don't know.

  10. One song that I like that you have inadvertently left off your list is....Devil with a Blue Dress On! My Favorite!

  11. HA! i was skimming this post and stopped dead in my tracks when i saw "adore" by prince


    i must listen to it NOW

    dangit girl

  12. jon- adore is the shizz. I know this to be true.

    nice to discover another adore lovah out there.

    now go listen to it again! you know you want to.

    thanks so much for sharin, everyone.