02 September 2019


books I read in august:

the nickel boys (colson whitehead)
the book of delights (ross gay)
junonia (kevin henkes)


  1. Ooohhh, I'm reading Nickel Boys right now. When he found the encyclopedia set was blank-- I cried. Whitehead is such an incredible writer, and gives us a great backstory. I love Elwood. And you know how I feel about The Book of Delights. And Kevin Henkes is a national treasure.

    1. oh, it broke my heart. though I knew it would. the empty encyclopedia, my heart. elwood! elwood! have you finished it yet? such a good book. love love loved the book of delights. started to keep a list of his delights-- they were so varied and interesting and wonderful but gave in halfway through and just surrendered to experiencing the book. found a copy of junonia at the thrifts and, partial as I am to shelling, knew I had to read it. hadn't read a kids book in a while and it was just a lovely thing, to fall into.