08 October 2017

sunday seven

seven pieces that have educated me, challenged me, pushed me, moved me:

1. drowning in whiteness

2. questlove: trayvon martin and I ain't shit

3. why we never talk about black-on-black crime: an answer to white america's most pressing question

4. for our white friends desiring to be allies

5. letter to my mother after charleston

6. no, I won't stop saying 'white supremacy'

7. the first white president

we can read, we can learn, we can do better, we can.


  1. I just want to say, thank you for sharing. it was good for me to read these articles and I'm glad you're keeping the conversation going.

    1. thank you for commenting. my blog has always been a personal one so I know that posts like this might seem out of place here-- but this issue is so incredibly important to me. thrilled that you're reading, that you got something out of the article and yes yes yes to keeping the conversation going. xo

  2. Thank you.... You have challenged me to think differently and step out of my comfortable ignorance.


    1. thanks for commenting, richard. I post these articles as much for myself as for anyone else. to think differently, to open minds and hearts, to effect real change-- is constant, often slow, but constant work. I appreciate your openness.