09 June 2014

summer color//colours are for lovers

back with my girl xanthe for another round of color//colour lovers, a project we started to battle winter whilst living in relentlessly grey, rainy cities.

and now it's summer (well, almost) and really, it's color season. this is when all the best colors come out to play, this is when they run rampant.

state fairs, fruit stands, beach umbrellas, farmers markets, wild flowers, road trips. this is color//colour hunting season, folks.

we would love for you to play along, if you are so inclined. we'll be sharing images on instagram, on the blogs and over at our shared color//colour happy place. join us however/wherever you like, jump in and out whenever you like. on the instagrams and the twitters, use the hashtag #colorcolourlovers and the color of the week hashtag because sharing is caring, friends. I am not a fan of the hashtag (I am maybe a little notorious for it) but this is serious business. we need to see the colors. all of the colors.

seven weeks of color//colour, here we go:

RED: week one//monday, june 9th
YELLOW: week two//monday, june 16th
PINK: week three//monday, june 23rd
GREEN: week four//monday, june 30th
PURPLE: week five//monday, july 7th
ORANGE: week six//monday, july 14h
BLUE: week seven//monday, 21st

red is up! off to find it. bye.


  1. Hey, girl. I haven't been around in a while, and I was needing a jolt of Hula-goodness. It's good to catch up with you. Be well, friend.

  2. what cameras do you and xanthe use?