30 April 2012

for a day, maybe two

there are some photographs I'd like to climb inside and on this grey rainy monday morning, this is one of them.

(taken with the holga and 120 kodak portra 400 speed film, something like three years ago in south texas)


  1. i looked at the weather for portland this morning on my iphone. dang lady, so rainy this week.

    what about that fab chair you thrifted? is it possible that you could recover it indoors, in something really bright and fantastic?? i can send some fun fabric your way!!!

  2. oh my friend. the weather this week... brutal. nothing but gloom and doom all week long. officially throwing myself into the work of the house this week. major reorganizing happening and a few other projects. just repainted a side table a nice happy aqua and the fab thrifted chair is also on the list! can't make up my mind about the fabric, though.. back and forth on that one, which is why I haven't tackled it just yet. bright and fantastic (and happy) it will be, though! for sure!

  3. oh man, I love that you have been noting the technical details of your photos. I can trick myself into thinking I can take something half as beautiful. red velvet was delightful. and you are delightful for sharing the recipe.

    1. thanks, lady! I probably should've started posting technical/camera/film info a loooong time ago. don't know why it just occurred to me. thrilled the red velvet turned out! hooray!