16 March 2012

this weekend

I'll drink fizzy fruity drinks from pretty glasses. I'll throw out the long list of Things That Must Be Done. I'll look for the perfect pair of sandals. then pretend to order them. I'll take a slow meandering walk through my neighborhood. even if it's raining. I'll lay on the big green couch and watch movies with the kids. and not fold laundry. I'll make tracy's killer garlic bread then share it with friends. I'll paint my toes turquoise. I'll daydream about palm springs.



  1. sounds lovely. my weekend will include: good red wine, date night (at home), salon prettified hair, irish stew & soda bread avec grandparents, green cupcakes, muppets family movie night, noise, hugs, snuggles, board games and drawing flowers. happy for you about palm springs, that's exciting!

  2. I love this photo! My weekend: reading (blogs, magazines, big thick novels), eating (pasta, pork larb), drinking (red wine, coffee, maybe a hot chocolate somewhere in there), seeing work friends on Sunday and sleeping in!

  3. I love your plans... love.

    ♥ s├ęcia

  4. oh, your weekend sounds SO much more delightful than mine will be....hosting an 8 yr. old birthday party...yikes. Hopefully I'll get some great photos and will enjoy seeing my sweet boy so happy, but boy will I be exhausted on Sunday....maybe i'll catch some movies on our big red couch ;)
    Love following your blog...inspiring photos!!

  5. a perfect weekend. especially the not folding laundry part. every time i'm waist-deep in loads, i laugh out loud remembering that one post where you said something like, "nothing makes me feel more hopeless than laundry." so true.

  6. Seriously, can I come and join in on one of your weekends - they sound just heavenly!!

  7. sounds like the perfect weekend, friend.

    i, too, have stacks of clean laundry, calling my name. sigh...

    jenica wrote to me once. she said, "a clean house = neglected children". word.

  8. some of my nails are currently turquoise. they have purple sparkles on them though