02 October 2008

today's list for tonight

the mister's first solo show
titled 'b-boy'
which is all about the exuberance and ingenuity
of the early golden days of hip hop
downtown at the grassy knoll gallery
a whole room of paintings by that guy I like
a whole room!
plus, a dj and b-boys on hand
to do what djs and b-boys do

and I'm proud, so extremely (almost unbearably) proud
of that guy I like, I love

and um, I have nothing to wear.


  1. oh- how awesome! go Ward!

    you are one of the most stylishous people- I am sure you will find something fantastic to wear...


  2. perhaps i will get to meet you this evening

  3. jennifer (dreemintrea)October 02, 2008 6:13 PM

    THIS is SOOOOOOOOO incredibly exCITING!!!!!! way to GO, ward! and miss andrea...you'd shine in a flour sack..so don't fret. so wish i was close enough to come...view..and congratulate. have FUN!!!!

    i'm gonna tell my little brother...he'd totally dig this! (or...maybe it's not 'public'???)

  4. jennifer (dreemintrea)October 02, 2008 6:18 PM

    just read the fine print "open to the public" (grin) BREAK DANCING too! MAN i wish i could go. ho-hum.

  5. can't wait... the gallery is like 2blocks from where i live!!! xo xo

  6. Ooooh his art is fantastic. It is begging all of us to do a cute little post about it.

    Tell your mister congratulations.

  7. Very cool drawings. I'm sure whatever you wear, it'll be perfect.

  8. I am SO excited! I wish I could be there!

  9. i'm bummed i couldn't be there tonight, but as i sit here in my hotel room in boston - alone btw - i am sending love and pride. can't wait to stop and see the work in the coming weeks. perhaps you'd like to go with me???? :o)

    oh and --- whadya wear? <3

  10. congrats to mr. w!

    hope it was a fun night [i'm sure you looked beyond smashing!]

  11. Very, very cool! Love his work.
    You, you I'm sure with your amazing sense of style can find something adorable.

  12. Hi Andrea,

    Just to let you know that Alicia mentioned your blog as one of her favorites in her interview today :)
    Please drop by when you have the time.

  13. He is some kinda talented.
    I have drawing envy!

  14. So I wanted to leave you a non sequitur.

    I was walking home from work yesterday down West Peachtree St. past the Civic Center MARTA station. I passed a young woman sitting on the ledge reading a book and wearing a really awesome blue floral patterned buckethat. Then a young black girl went past wearing funky maroon and orange Nikes and riding this incredible retro bicycle.

    I thought to myself, "Oh! The whole world should look that funky and cool all the time."

    And then I thought, "That would be like Hula Seventy's world."

    And then I smiled.

    Just thought you'd like to know that a moment of coolness reminded me of your blog and made me smile.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. we had a wonderful time, always good to see the two of you. and you looked stunning as always.

    [sorry we had to leave to get the kid in bed]

  16. That's wonderful! You'll have a great time, and you'll look beautiful no matter what you wear. Oh my goodness, what a blast!

  17. congrats to you and yours on the big show! maybe you can make it a traveling one and scoot on over to kc. i'd love to attend that show.

  18. The show was a blast! Thanks for the invite. We loved Ward's stuff, especially the junky piece of wood from our back yard that became art. It's the closest to artistic we've ever come ;o)

    And, of course, you looked great, as always!

  19. I've gotta admit that I was a bit bummed that your blog updates have been a little sparse... especially it's one of my favorites! But now I see why... who could resist ripping herself away from her incredibly talented husband? Understandable, understandable... but pretty please,
    don't leave us photoblog fans in the dust!

  20. YOU are not going to believe this -but my boyfriend and I finished up with dinner and started to get dressed to come see you guys and I couldn't FIND anything to wear. I looked at Steven and was like you can't wear that infront of the Hula and Ward. I felt so frustrated that I didn't go - 2 blocks away - because of a wardrobe malfunction. Isn't Ward's work up thru October?

  21. how cool!!i went to his blog and got lost among the youtube videos of the dancers for some time!!

  22. Hahaha...haven't been over in a while and wanted to say I love Ward's work through your lens. It's interesting to read about an art show, and then read about it from the other-half's point of view. Cool. I wish I could go.

    Just wear something with mesh. and a fanny pack. :)

    Or better yet, something like... http://cartooncurio.blogspot.com/2006/02/boogie-through-birthday.html