03 July 2008

tuesday, tuesday

things learned on a tuesday:

wind-blown hair is the secret

sun-drenched kitchens are not to be underestimated

cars like pearl are to be loved and shamelessly adored

breakfast really is the most important meal of the day

especially when prepared by a professional breakfast-cooker

ferry rides are magic

as are most carousel rides

mexican coca cola is so much better

riley has the eye

cupcakes are the second most important meal of the day

never leave a fruit stand empty-handed

always, always run to catch the ferry

even if you don't think you're going to make it

because chances are, you will


  1. jennifer (dreemintrea)July 04, 2008 1:04 AM

    do tell, 'which' ferry...from where to where? i have to play 'tour guide' soon in the city and though i've lived 'near' it all my life...the challenge feels all too daunting. i'm liking this ferry idea though. :)

  2. oh man, what is it about the wind blown look? i just cannot believe your tuesday, fantastic, no wonder you're having a hard time getting over it, leaving must've felt like breaking up or something. ox.

  3. It looks like you had a incredible Tuesday, and your photos really capture the essence of it. (they're amazing.)

  4. wow, what a beautiful day, and thanks for sharing


  5. I become speechless when I see the photos you have taken...

  6. I just discovered your blog, it's truely inspiring.
    Thank You

  7. such beautiful photos, Andre - it's that last one of your sweet boy that made me catch my breath

  8. as i hit publish, did i see a typo go? yikes, i do know how to spell your name! ;-)

  9. i love me some mexican cokes... all nice and cold and refreshing. and the
    bottles are fun for crafting.

    great photos...looks like you all
    had a blast!

  10. goodness. can we go again TOMORROW? come back come back! :) these are great shots, dear friend!

    (and dreemintrea, we took the larkspur-sf ferry building boat because I live in mill valley. there is also one that goes between sausalito and sf or you can just get on one that tours the bay if you'd rather)

  11. I love SF. We enjoyed a great trip there last August...wish I were there now. Glad to hear you had a great trip (how can you spend time in SF and not have a great time???)

    I hope you got by The Musee Mechanique down at the warf. Your kids would have had a heyday! And they have a great vintage photobooth. :)


  12. just spent the morning catching up! such great colors in your pictures, i think i have a similar camera and get nothing magical like this. and always a great read andrea! sounds like a lovely trip!

  13. Amazing amazing photos. Love it!

  14. Wonderful!!!
    Have a nice weekend

  15. oh me oh my these photos melt me. The kitchen one inspires me and I fell instantly in love.


  16. i wish my tuesday looked like yours.

  17. Everytime I ready your blog I always think that it must be amazing to be you: your world is SO FULL OF COLOR. You must pitch the idea for a photo book. Your pictures always, always make me happy, and generally take my breath away.

  18. I simply love your blog, great photos, the colors, It's so alive!!

  19. What beautiful sentiments. I've been feeling cranky today, angry at the world and it's persistent apathy - your post has brightened by afternoon and I have been reminded to be thankful for the sun-drenched kitchen I so often take for granted.

  20. oawesome, awesome, awesome photos! I used to live right outside SF and these make me homesick! I haven't stopped by your blog in a long time, glad I did make the trip today!
    peace, d.

  21. You find color and beauty everywhere.

    In the simplest of things.

    You have a gift.

    You are a gift.

  22. Those are lovely lessons. Lovely photos as well. I want to keep looking in my life for the lovely moments and the lovely ideas I can take away from them.

  23. I just spent some time going through your posts. I had no idea you weren't a professional photographer. You just took your first photo class?

    And I read about your doubts about your photos (52 strangers) but I don't see them in the pictures.

    Plus, I love your lists. I already have lists all over the place, but you make me want to start new ones.

  24. I think maybe, just maybe, I might have eaten at that same restaurant with the yellow floral table cloth you so lovingly photographed. I was out there this past February, and I SWEAR I remember that. Good to see you and the fam enjoying that city. I secretly want to live there...or at least, I'd like a getaway dream house, oh, and one of those medical marijuana prescrptions they provide there. :>

  25. Inspiring pictures indeed. I like the way you tell your story through them and a few lines. I'm impressed! :)

  26. what a perfectly magical trip! gorgeous photos!

  27. I love ferry rides. and i have the same feeling about the brazilian coca-cola...interesting.
    love your photos, super inspiring!

  28. Loving your posts about SF.

    "cupcakes are the second most important meal of the day"

    Love that line!

  29. Wonderful photos. I've just recently tried Mexican Coca Cola and you are definitely right, it is soooo good!
    Rileys eyes are gonna be what all the girls call dreamy someday. He'll have giggly callers before you know it. Oh, how sweet!!

  30. oh the colors! Andrea, I love the sublimity in these photos. I added you to my blogroll, if that's alright?