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30 December 2013

sundays (36/52-39/52)








sunday, september the 1st: last barbecue of the summer.

sunday, september the 8th: comic book-making, b-ball handling.

sunday, september the 15th: details (port townsend, washington).

sunday, september the 22nd: the beginning of the rain.

sunday, september 29th: always an astronomy book in her lap, always.

29 November 2013

just about perfect

am now home from yurtsgiving 2013. am tired but happy and my hair smells like smoky campfire deliciousness. am happy to report copious amounts of mashed potatoes were consumed (as was a piece of joy's sour apple pie). I remembered my coat but did not need it. surprise of all surprises, the sun came out and we all ran around willy nilly, coatless. well, until the sun went down. thankfully, we did not forget the jiffy pop or the stevie wonder record. the twinkly lights did not make it. next time, maybe. I did not get that late afternoon walk in but I did stare wide-eyed at starry, starry night skies. I could not get over all the stars, I just could not. and I thought about my mom so much. she would have been so proud of our humble little thanksgiving picnic table. she probably would not have understood a thanksgiving yurt camping trip but she would have loved that table. and she would have loved hearing all the stories. and I would have loved telling her.

28 November 2013

if you're reading this

it means I'm crossing number four off the list. I'm hunkered down in a yurt somewhere, with no internet access. and miraculously, had the foresight to schedule this to post. because I am winning at nablopomo, I tell you. winning.

come thursday night, I hope I am looking up at a wide open sky full of stars. that I am full of mashed potatoes. I hope I got a piece of joy's sour apple pie before it got snatched up and I hope I remembered my coat. I hope we remembered the jiffy pop and the stevie wonder record and the twinkly lights. I hope that I didn't talk myself out of a late afternoon walk. because I am really, really going to need that walk. I hope the kids are having the best time, the kind they'll talk about for decades to come. I hope I am feeling my mom all around me. I hope I am comforted by that. I hope I hope I hope.

27 November 2013

mashed potatoes

today, I am thankful for mashed potatoes. and little flowers. and about a hundred thousand other things.

but mostly, mashed potatoes.

happy thanksgiving, y'all.

07 November 2013






the making of


rod serling and the tusken raider

(scenes from halloween)

(not pictured: me in my frida kahlo costume, copious amounts of candy corn)

02 November 2013

one two three four five






poppytalk's fall color week= fini. but karen's nanoPHOmo is just beginning. clearly, I am a girl who needs an assignment.

in other news, I have been singing this song all. week. long. endlessly looping in my head, over and over and over. colors and the kids, you know. colors and the kids.

01 November 2013


things I collect

hello november, hello national blog posting month.

every year, I try to post something everyday and every year, I fail. oddly enough, I enjoy the trying. it's possible I even enjoy the failing. for seven years straight, I have failed. that's right, I started in 2006 with this nablopomo business. seven should have been my year, seven is my number. and really, how hard can it be to post something everyday? APPARENTLY, REALLY VERY INCREDIBLY HARD.

this is my year, though. I can feel it. year number eight. nablopmo 2013, yo.


31 October 2013

tricks or treats

from the archives: a five year-old ezra, an eight year-old ava and two old school (moderately creepy) halloween masks.

(happy halloween, y'all)

29 October 2013

calling all color lovers

heeeeey how about poppytalk's fall color week? are you playing along? because I am. as it turns out, I am both physically and mentally unable to resist color week.


it's all happening over on the instagrams. it's all happening.

23 October 2013

list forty-six: these are things


obsessed with, as of late:

1. honey crisp apples
2. thrift store lamps
3. nineties hip hop
4. things that are yellow
5. things that are shiny, happy
6. the reading of the diary of anne frank with ava
7. the loading of the old yashica
8. the promise of yurt camping
9. ezra's teeny tiny drawings
10. my mother's beautiful quilts
11. raw honey in my oatmeal
12. coconut oil on my body
13. tom-tom club records on repeat
14. jenny's sparkling new space
15. tracy's rad friday lists
16. a pair of lovely earrings
17. a lovely fall bag
18. a ridiculously perfect pencil
19. the work of this director
20. you know what? this one too
21. rolls of vintage wallpaper
22. maps of the paris metro
23. old alfred hitchcock movies
24. shiny new projects
25. the color of the leaves
26. and candy corn

how about you?

24 November 2012

thanksgiving day

the day was a bit of a blur. but a beautiful one. happy thanksgiving, friends.

27 November 2011



from the archives. because that's just about all I can manage today, friends.

12 November 2011

saturday night

and my feet are cold. but there's a fire burning in the fireplace, first one of the season. I don't know when it happened but the record player blew a speaker. stevie wonder now sings at me through a tiny fuzzy megaphone but I listen anyway. I turn the record over and lower the needle, adjust the volume. the house smells like wood and smoke and it is maybe the best smell in the world. which is when my mind turns to list making. list number thirty-eight: best smells in the world. but before my mind can settle, it spins off in another direction. and another and another and another. I am full of ideas tonight. but I am also full of pessimism. the kind that sits in a stiff, sour place and will not budge.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night. we'd fallen asleep on the big green couch. again. with all the lights on, television on, legs uncomfortably intertwined. what I am going to tell you now is that the television was turned to PBS. and I am all for PBS, I love PBS but I can't imagine what we could have possibly been watching on public television on a friday night before we drifted off. we are almost always watching reruns of seinfeld. anyway. american masters with bill t. jones was on and I forced my sleepy eyes open because this what I would call luck. I am a big fan of mr. jones. I was pretty out of it but at three in the morning, I listened to him talk about abraham lincoln, watched him yell at dancers, then at musicians, watched him push and pull new work into place. and I wanted to cry because this is a world that I miss. I miss dance, I miss that sweaty, messy place. I miss class, I miss rehearsals, I miss choreographers. I miss my old body. I miss my old body so much. the credits rolled just then and I turned the channel. and then I fixed myself a bowl of cereal because I didn't want to think about it anymore.

we will probably fall asleep on the big green couch again tonight. to the sounds of the television, the dying of the first fire.

03 November 2011

more halloween

not nancy drew

she was all set to go as nancy drew and then she saw that pink wig at target. I've always wanted to wear a pink wig, she said. well okay then, you should wear one, I said. because surely halloween was invented for this very reason. for that somebody somewhere who just wanted an excuse to wear a pink wig. I would know nothing about this, of course. nothing at all.

I think

and then there was all the tusken raider business, which I really wish I could take credit for, but I can't. the tusken raider business is totally the husband's doing. whom, I believe, was really making the costume for his inner nine year-old self. meanwhile, ezra fell so deeply in love with it that he vowed to wear it every single halloween until he is old. old like a teenager, he said.


yep, halloween 2011. year of lady bonbon, year of the tusken raider. and one for the books, that's for sure.

02 November 2011

oh, time

oh, time

halloween 2005 vs. halloween 2011. or, the beatnik and the butterfly vs. the tusken raider and lady bonbon. I guess there's nothing I can really do to stop time. or at the very least, slow it down a little. because boy howdy, time is flying, people. flying.

30 October 2011